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Great at branding, not driving

I do not like driving. This makes sense as I’m terrible at it. For 20 years friends and family have said politely “Oh, I’ll drive,” when we head for a vehicle. Four years ago, however, I became a commuter. Spending an extra eight to 10 hours a week on the road has really improved my driving skills. Or so I thought.

One of the major perks of my job is giving giant checks to charity. This is thanks to the hard work our team puts into the various events we host throughout the year that benefit area nonprofits. If you read Sunday’s County Press, then you know that last Thursday I had the pleasure of giving out two big checks. The first of which was more than $17,000 to LACADA (Lapeer Area Citizens Against Domestic Assault). The money was raised at our second annual View Lady Classic, which took place Aug. 24 at Metamora Golf & Country Club.

Executive Director Tracey Walker gathered her board for the check donation. Also present were Metamora Golf & Country Club pro and manager Rick Fleming and a few View team members. We gathered on the front porch for a photo and to share the news that we would like to partner with LACADA again for our 2019 event. It was a great afternoon.

Shortly after (because the board had a meeting and we had a second check donation to get to) I got into my car and backed up, smiling and waving to the crowd. And then it happened.

I ran into LACADA.

Now, hitting a building with a vehicle is bad under any circumstances.

It’s worse when:

You do so as the chief of police, your dad (and boss), an entire nonprofit board and Rick Fleming (who will never, ever, ever let this go) watch as you do so.

You are driving your mom’s minivan. My mom loves her minivan more than life itself.

I love it too, which is why for the past month I’ve been driving it. During our busy event season the storage space can’t be beat.

You hit a building possibly causing damage to a nonprofit that already operates on a tight budget.

I jumped out of the car right away. No damage to the car or the building. Thank God. My ego was the only casualty. I jumped back in the car, but with all of the watchful eyes on me, there was no way out of the incredibly tight parking spot.

What was I going to do?

Give up. That’s what.

I exited the car giving a desperate look to the gawkers. Could someone please help me? My dad did the honors.

I still do not like driving.

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