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Signs of the twenty-somethings we were are disappearing

Emily Caswell Emily Caswell Couch shopping shouldn’t be an emotional thing. You should walk into a store, sit on a bunch of couches, pick the one you like the best and you’re done. And I guess that’s what we did. I think the hard part will come in three to five weeks when the new couch arrives and the old couch leaves for good.

This year marks 10 years of marriage for Matt and me. It seems like every time we turn around we’re hitting another major milestone. This weekend for example, we replaced the last piece of furniture that was in our first apartment together.

I rarely get attached to material things, but that couch was purchased for my first big girl apartment. The one I had all by myself, no roommates, no parents, no siblings. Just me and then soon after, Matt.

I understand that new furniture is a good thing. That couch was in bad shape, but there is something strange about looking around your home and one of the only things that remains the same as 10 years ago is the person you share it with.

When we got married, I certainly knew (or hoped) we’d hit this 10-year milestone, but I don’t think I was prepared for how it would simultaneously be something to be celebrated and leave me missing parts our younger selves.

Perhaps the timing was bad, but last week also included a major closet clean out. With it

I’m pretty sure any trace of the clothing we wore in our 20s is officially gone. Also gone (and this is something I’m actually proud of) are any remaining wire hangers. Photos of college parties and study aboard trips have mostly been replaced with art work or professionally-taken photos of our family.

Come to think of it, our bills are paid, our cars are dent-free, we buy napkins and tissues (paper towels and TP used to serve multiple purposes). Could it be that we are grownups?

It can’t be. There are times when our milk expires and we occasionally stay out dancing until 3 a.m. (Okay, the last time that happened was a year ago, but I know it’ll happen again.) Come to think of it, there are still days when we avoid email, let the laundry pile up and watch reality TV, so maybe we aren’t grownups quite yet. Maybe we’re somewhere in between and maybe that’s okay. After all, now when we lounge we’ll do so on a new couch, one with lumbar support.

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