2017-08-10 / Sports

Tee Time

Lee Trevino has long been one of the more witty golfers on the Tour. Here are some of his best.

“My swing is so bad I look like a caveman killing his lunch.”

“The older I get, the better I used to be.”

“There are two things you can do with your head down - play golf and pray.”

“You can talk to a fade but a hook won't listen.”

“To me, the [British] Open is the tournament I would come to if I had to leave a month before and swim over.”

“Putts get real difficult the day they hand out the money.”

“Pressure is playing for ten dollars when you don’t have a dime in your pocket.” “You can make a lot of money in this game. Just ask my ex-wives. Both of them are so rich that neither of their husbands work.”

“Golf is a game invented by the same people who think music comes out of a bagpipe.”

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