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Jeff Hogan—Editor Jeff Hogan—Editor It’s spring and time again to enjoy the great outdoors. I look forward to the months ahead to again jump out of perfectly good airplanes for the thrill of free falling in a head-down position at 180 mph before pulling the ripcord to safely glide back down to earth.

I think I’ve convinced my son to go tandem with me, but we’ll see about that. He doesn’t even like to climb ladders.

A more benign activity aside of skydiving I enjoy this time of year — that has the support of my mother and other loved ones — is fishing.

Last Thursday I headed down to Grosse Pointe Park for a pre-Mother’s Day visit with my mother, and a trip to one of my favorite fishing places. The city’s park at the eastern mouth of the Detroit River is a regular destination, especially in the spring.

If I’m fortunate to time it just right when the water temperature is warm enough and the wind is out of the west I will arrive in time for the annual spring run of silver bass from Lake Huron to their spawning grounds in Lake Erie. It lasts about 10 days, and offers non-stop fishing action as the silvers school by the thousands. One can practically catch them with an empty shiny hook as they strike at just about anything.

Unfortunately my one opportunity at the river was a bust. A blustery east wind gusting above 20 mph created an extremely choppy river and nothing was biting under the adverse conditions.

But it wasn’t a complete loss. Even if I wasn’t able to catch fish, I was able to talk about fishing and legendary fish stories. Over the course of a few hours a couple guys walked up and they shared some lies (mine never are).

One weathered gentleman said two days before, and in the exact spot I was casting from, he caught a massive muskellunge.

His grandson, 10, said “You should’ve seen it. It was as big as a shark!”

The lad is going to make a good fisherman. He already has the ability to exaggerate the fish size down.

We talked for at least 30 minutes which allowed me to share a few stories of my own.

During an outing at a park on Lake St. Clair I cast a lure in the direction of an area where I’ve caught huge bass. But a seagull mistook the lure for a minnow and dove to the water and became hooked.

“Did you see that?” I shouted to guys fishing nearby. They saw it too. I had witnesses, so often lacking when fish stories are shared.

I reeled in the seagull that was trying to fly away at the same time. It was quite the spectacle! I was able to unhook the gull from my line, but not before many photos were snapped of me holding a seagull next to my fishing pole like a trophy shot worthy of hanging on the man cave wall.

From a fishing pier near New Baltimore I once reeled in a double catch. A large pike had chomped down on a perch that was at the end of my line. Many shouts of “Did you see that?” were heard up and down the pier.

It was a good day. jhogan@mihomepaper.com

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