2013-12-19 / News

Where’s the VIEW?

The first person to correctly identify what the photo is of and where it was taken will win a onemonth subscription to The County Press. To submit your guess, call 810-452-2609 and leave a message with your name, phone number and your guess. Remember — be as specific as possible!

To win the Where’s the View? photo contest, you must live within Lapeer County, and a single household can only win the contest once every 12 months.

We invite everyone in the county to participate in this weekly contest, which will feature close-up and unique photos of everyday objects all around the county. Remember to call early, and if you don’t happen to win this week, keep trying!

Last week’s photo was of the community Christmas tree located in the center of downtown North Branch. The first person to correctly identify the photo and location, and win this week’s contest, was Betty Kennedy of North Branch.


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