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Flipping pages … and pancakes?

County schools continue fun Reading Month activities
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LAPEER COUNTY — March is Reading Month in all Lapeer County schools, and as thousands of elementary students are flipping through the pages of countless books, what could be more natural than flipping... pancakes?

That’s what Mayfield Elementary School came up with for their big Reading Month night, taking place tonight from 5-8 p.m. at the school on Plum Creek Road in Mayfield Township.

Guinness World Record holder Chris Cakes will be running a Flying Pancake Dinner tonight at Mayfield. Chris Cakes holds the record for making the most pancakes in a hour, and entertain dinner guests by tossing freshly made pancakes across the room onto their plates.

Other activities tonight at Mayfield Elementary School include a readers’ theater presentation, games for students and guests, literacy websites in the technology lab, book making and more. There will also be sessions for parents titled “Practical tips and strategies to make reading time at home something your child looks forward to doing.”

Mayfield Principal Traci Chouinard said she is very excited to host the event tonight and hopes to see a large turnout from students and parents. Earlier in the week, Mayfield Elementary hosted the Lapeer Area View’s Jacob Hunsanger as a guest reader in second and third grade classrooms.

The pancake dinner and reading night at Mayfield Elementary is just one of many examples of fun programs and events taking place around the county during the national March is Reading Month program. Other schools are hosting similar events at night, competitive reading contests between classrooms, dress-up days, guest readers and more.

For example, Orchard Primary elementary school in Imlay City has a superhero theme for its Reading Month activities. All month long, fun programs are taking place that combine reading and superheroes to get more students interested in reading both in and out of the classroom.

Every year in March, schools celebrate the month-long program that is designed to not only promote a healthy appetite for reading, but also give students the help they need to improve their reading skills and find books that will interest them.

March is Reading Month programs will continue throughout the rest of the month, helping promote a lifelong love for reading in local students. Look for future programs covered here in the Lapeer Area View on March is Reading Month.

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