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Gerlach's Bowling 03/02/2009

Lapeer City First Place Team- TRW Landscape

High Game: Michael Maasch (265) High Series: Mike Powell (714)

Tuesday Morning Ladies First Place Team: Gerlach Gals

High Game: Ann Romstad (204) High Series: Natalie Gerlach (564)

Senior Merry Mixers First Place Team- Gopher

Men High Game: Gene McLellan (246) Men High Series: John Kile (603)

Women High Game: Nita Oesch (196) Women High Series: Nita Oesch (540)

Tuesday Business Men’s First Place Team: National Roofing

High Game: Jon Boutell (257) High Series: Jon Boutell (681)

Ladies Wednesday Night First Place Team: Speedy Screen Printing

High Game: Ashley Marston (256) High Series: Bev Lagness (664)

Newcomers First Place Team: M & M

Men High Game: Victor Ferguson (256) Men High Series: Victor Ferguson (646)

Women High Game: Mary Becker (177) Women High Series: Mary Becker (439)

Early Birds First Place Team: 3 Hens

Men High Game: Tom Cichoracki, Bernie Young(247) Men High Series: Bernie Young (712)

Women High Game: Valda Goss (203) Women High Series: Debbie McFarlane (590)

Pin Crushers First Place Team: Team Who?

Boys High Game: Brad Bell (141) Boys High Series: Daniel Romstad(370)

Girls High Game: Victoria Mullins (159) Girls High Series: Victoria Mullins (428)

Ladies Thursday Night First Place Team: Future Homes/Oxford Bank

High Game: Laurie Werle (232) High Series: Terri Gilbert (581)

Thursday Night Hustlers First Place Team: Knights of Columbus

Men High Game: Chad Kreger (233) Men High Series: Don Stein (601)

Women High Game: Shannon Ritzman (163) Women High Series: Shannon Ritzman (450)

Golden Agers First Place Team- Team 3

Men High Game: Mike Powell (210) Men High Series: Mike Powell (612)

Women High Game: Bobbye Thom (218) Women High Series: Bobbye Thom (610)

Women’s County First Place Team: Sisters + 1

High Game: Wendy Boske (229) High Series: Wendy Boske (596)

Friday Night Prime Time First Place Team- Group Therapy

Men High Game: John Goss (259) Men High Series: John Goss (703)

Women High Game: Cathy Gibson (170) Women High Series: Karin Ervin (428)

Saturday Morning Juniors First Place Team: Trouble Makers

Boys High Game: Mike Plociniak (233) Boys High Series: Mike Plociniak & David Stahr (568)

Girls High Game: Crystal Eckel (196) Girls High Series: Crystal Eckel (483)

Super Shooters First Place Team: Pin Soldiers

Boys High Game: Kyle Gibbs (186) Boys High Series: Kyle Gibbs (428)

Girls High Game: Brandi Mitchell (149) Girls High Series: Brandi Mitchell (350)

Saturday Pee Wees

Boys High Game: Gavin Carr (101) Boys High Series: Gavin Carr (185)

Girls High Game: Alyvia Montgomery (104) Girls High Series: Aitana Castaneda (184)

Trinity United Methodist Church First Place Team: Bowling Buddies

Men High Game: Randy Miller (236) Men High Series: Randy Miller (641)

Women High Game: Carol Hunt (174) Women High Series: Barb Westerfield (466)

Jacks & Jills First Place Team: Templeton

Men High Game: Jim Templeton (235) Men High Series: Jim Templeton (583)

Women High Game: Cheryl Jarema (201) Women High Series: Valda Goss (482)

Kings & Queens First Place Team: We Are Family

Men High Game: Jason Conger (222) Men High Series: John Mitchell (576)

Women High Game: Bev Lagness (212) Women High Series: Terri Leonardi (533)

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