2008-07-28 / News

Aug. 5 Primary: Township Races

Almont Township

Paul Bowman, 59
Family: Married to Cheryl 36 years, 3 adult children, 3 grandchildren

Education: B.A. SVSU 1971

Profession: Account Manager — DynAmerica Mfg. Muncie, Ind.

Political experience: Almont Board of Education — 22 years, president of the board for 16 of the 22 years

Community service: Family Literacy Center board member, Lapeer County Community Foundation board member, Village of Almont Homecoming Committee chairman, Lapeer County ISD treasurer 3 years, Almont Twp ZBA member 3 years

Positives: We have been able to balance the budget and maintain a fund balance in poor economic times. Completed the new fire hall.

Needs improvement: Reduce cost of the building department so that it doesn’t have to be subsidized by tax dollars as it is now. Collaborate with other governmental agencies to reduce costs and maintain services so as to reduce taxes. Must have a vision for future growth. Improve community’s perception of the township board.


Gary Groesbeck, 57
Family: Married to Cynthia. They have six children.

Education: Associates of arts degree, MCCC; additional credits, Oakland University

Profession: Retired Deputy Sheriff from Macomb County Sheriff Dept.

Political experience: Almont Township supervisor for six years

Community service: Past member Lapeer County Agricultural Preservation Board

Positives: It has been a pleasure and a challenge serving as Almont Township supervisor for the past six years. The current township board has met these challenges bringing forth positive change for our residents.

Approval of special millage for state-of-the-art fire hall. Open house Aug. 24, 2008.

Reorganize building department to updated standards.

Increased police protection while lowering the assessment.

Creating a first responder program.

Purchase new state-of-the-art fire rescue truck.


Carol Hoffner, 58
Family: Husband Harry, 4 children, 3 grandchildren

Education: Attended Eastern Michigan University, finance classes

Profession: incumbent Almont Township clerk

Political experience: 16 years as Almont Township clerk, 2008 Lapeer County Township Clerk of the year. Certified clerk, active member of Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks and Lapeer County Association of Clerks.

Community service: Collected for March of Dimes and volunteered at blood drives.

Positives: Lowered taxes for police assessment while providing full-time police protection for township residents and their property. Implementing First Responders while researching the possibility if having an ambulance based in the new township fire hall.

Needs improvement: Communication between township board and residents. Adhering to the Master Plan for controlled growth while realizing we are a community and not placing undue hardships on our residents.

Bonnie Krauss, 52
Family: Married to Tim for 30 years

Education: Almont High School Graduate, attended MCCC college, management training through work, planning, zoning, and governmental seminars annually

Profession: I have worked in business for over 30 years and have 6 years of township government experience.

Political experience: No prior experience.

Community service: Currently vice-chairman of the Almont Planning Commission and secretary of the Zoning Board of Appeals. I served as chairman of the Almont United Way board and representative to the Lapeer County United Way boards. I was one of the first members to serve on the Almont Park board during high school as student representative.

Positives: In this economy, those that are spending tax dollars have an obligation to find ways to make the best use of our tax dollars for the residents and property owners. We must support and retain our village and township businesses. As clerk, I will bring change with fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the township. I will work with dedication and serve the taxpayers in the village and township with honesty, fairness and professionalism.


Randy Eschenburg, 53
Family: Married 28 years to Teresa (Teemie), 4

Education: High School

Profession: farmer

Position: Would like to continue to represent the taxpayers on behalf of their health, safety and welfare As a lifelong resident with an agriculture background, I strive to keep a rural community. I believe the current office is responsive to the needs of the community. In office I would continue working on improving the roads.

Thomas Moore, 62
Family: Married, 2 grown sons, 6 grandsons

Education: High school

Profession: Retired from Operating Engineers Local 324

Political experience: 8 years as township trustee

Community service: I’ve been supportive of various fundraisers for individuals or families in need.

Positives: New fire hall building; improved maintenance of township’s secondary roads.

Needs improvement: I would like to do more for our Almont residents and our senior citizens who are the foundation of Almont’s family-oriented community.

Scott Stroup, 40
Family: Married, wife of 15 years, Colleen

Education: Bachelor of science in education from CMU, mathematics major

Profession: Owner Stroup Builders — custom home builder

Political experience: 10 years Almont Village Planning Commission; 8 months Almont Township trustee

Community service: Lapeer Home Builders Assoc., Romeo Chamber of Commerce, Almont Chamber of Commerce, Almont Historical Society

Positives: Completion of the new fire hall; new contact to provide 24-hour police service in the township while lowering tax assessment

Needs improvement: Looking into the potential of local ambulance service; looking at the potential of paving certain township roads; working hand-in-hand with the Almont Village government to improve Almont as a whole.

Dennis L. Sweers, 58
Family: Married 24 years, Christine Sweers; 3 children

Education: Bachelor of science in aeronautics, St. Louis University, 1973

Profession: Automotive engineering branch chief, heavy brigade combat team, U.S. Army, Warren, Mich.

Political experience: member of Almont Township board for 8 years

Community service: Almont Township Planning Commissioner for 8 years

Positives: The building department is well-organized, Professional department is second to none in the state. The new fire hall is a much-needed addition. A top-quality rescue truck will be added to the fire department’s fleet. New police contract with a corresponding reduction in special assessment.

Needs improvement: Continue to improve community serviced focused on police relationships with the community, additional fire deportment equipment and improvement to our Emergency Medical Service. Roads and ditches also need to remain a priority.

Mindy Tobias, 44
Family: husband Rick Tobias, three children. I grew up in the small town of Hemlock, which is just north of Saginaw.

Education: Associates Degree in accounting from Delta College.

Profession: Receptionist/biller for Grosse Pointe Allergy and Asthma Center in both their Macomb Township and Eastpointe locations.

Political experience: I have limited experience in the political arena.

Community service: I served as the treasurer for the Almont Historical Society and Almont Community Schools PTA, as well as vice president of the PTA. Served as a committee member for the Almont Homecoming 2005 community celebration.

Positives: The township has done well promoting the small-town feel while also allowing for growth. I have worked to help get AEDs in our police vehicles. The next step should be to create a First Responders Unit. There has been much improvement in the relationship between the village and township boards, and I feel that this should continue.

Needs improvement: Using common sense and keeping in mind what is best for the entire Almont community.

LeVern Tucker, 70
Family: Married, 5 children

Education: K-12; degree in property assessment administration

Profession: Farmer, real and personal property assessor

Political experience: 12 years as Almont Township supervisor

Needs improvement:

I would like to see a more transparent township government, one that would work to solve problems — not create them. I believe that my lifelong experiences as Almont Township supervisor could be an asset to rebuilding and maintaining a positive and progressive image for Almont Township.

Arcadia Township

Steve Coulter, 47
Family: 4 children

Education: High school

Profession: Business owner

Dennis Hall, 54
Family: Ann Dalgleish, 3 children

Education: Graduate of Lapeer West

Profession: Entrepreneur, 3 generations of business.

Political experience: None previous, but I would like the opportunity to voice and put into action the people’s concerns.

Community service: Member of the Elks Lodge, Moose Lodge and Eagles.

Needs improvement: I would like to see the roads improved throughout Arcadia Township. We need to lower the land taxes, try to help farmers in any way possible to keep the farms that we have in the community. If elected, I will work for the people in Arcadia Township equally.

John A. Howell, 29
Family: Wife Tiffany, 2 children

Education: Receiving bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University

Profession: Automotive Technology teacher at Lapeer Ed-Tech and farmer

Political experience: Past Republican Party Precinct Delegate and currently serving as Farm Bureau Policy Development chairman

Community service: Farm Bureau Board of Directors, 4-H Beef Club leader, 4-H Beef superintendent at the Eastern Michigan Fair, 4-H horse leader, Skills USA advisor for Lapeer ISD Ed-Tech Center

Positives: Arcadia Township is one of the better running townships in the county. With the current township board working toward an improved township park, as well as having a strong and capable police and fire service, my mission is to continue moving forward and keep improving our township.

Needs improvement: As we move forward we have to keep our community’s rural setting and continue to be accountable to all residents to fairly enforce township ordinances.

Craig Prena, 50
Family: Married 27 years, 3 children

Education: College

Profession: Information technology

Political experience: 1998-present Arcadia Township Planning Commission, chairman 1999-present.

Community service: 2003-04 Habitat for Humanity; 2005-current Arcadia Township Fire Dept.

Positives: Brought wireless high-speed internet to the area. Public computer available at township hall for residents to use. New fire department turnout gear.

Needs improvement: The current water tanker leaks tremendously and is in need of replacement. Repair roads that are constantly being washed out. The township should take more advantage of government grants that are available.


Patricia Cohoon, 66
Family: married, husband Warren, 3 grown children

Education: high schools, continuing education in accounting and income tax preparation

Profession: Deputy treasurer, seasonal tax preparation

Community service: Served as recording secretary, planning commission member and chairperson. 150th anniversary celebration spaghetti dinner (fire department).

Positives: 10th anniversary celebration, Elsie Benner Park

Needs improvement: More resident participation in developing the park.

Dan Winslow, 45
Family: Wife Tammy, 3 sons

Education:, Lapeer East High School 1981

Profession: U.S. Postal Service 16 years

Community service: High school wrestling coach 4 years, youth coach in wrestling, football, baseball for 10 years

Positives: I know from past personal experience that the fire department and its personnel are fiercely loyal and dedicated by their performance at my house fire. The present township staff has been easy to work with and informative.

Needs improvement: Not being on staff yet, I don’t stand in judgment of people who are. If elected, I will want to know how I can improve.

Attica Township

George L. Ludington, 73
Family: Wife, raising grandson, stepdaughter, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, sister- and brother-in-law

Profession: Retired

Political experience: No prior experience

Community service: Church

Positives: Brought in new businesses

Needs improvement: Roads

David Ray Nutt
Did not respond

Al Ochadleus, 65
Family: Married to Donna, 2 children

Education: College degrees in accounting and business management

Profession: Retired plant manager and corporate executive with Vlassic Div. of Campbell Soup after 34 years.

Political experience: 17 years on Attica Township Planning Commission, 8 years as Attica Township trustee, and 10 years as Attica Township supervisor

Community service: Served as assistant chair of the KIND program in the early 1990s, recognized by the Imlay City Chamber of Commerce as a leader. Awarded the Township Supervisor of the Year by the Lapeer County chapter of the Michigan Township Association, past board member of Lapeer County EMS, current board member Construction Code Authority.

Positives: Township is in excellent financial shape. Adding a second 40-hour contract sheriff deputy. Improvements to Lake Pleasant Road by the Lapeer County Road Commission. The township upgraded streets west of Lake Pleasant. New walking trails at park. New website: atticatownship.org. Added drop box for items such as absentee ballots, taxes. You can now reserve two main park pavilions.

Needs improvement: Computer mapping of cemeteries. On-line assessing information.

Continue developing the township website.

Burnside Township

Lonnie Hayes, 57
Family: Wife, 3 children, 2 grandchildren

Education: Some collage

Profession: Carpenter, self employed; CCA building inspector

Political experience: Supervisor 8 years, planning commission 10+ years, MTA chair

Positives: Fiscally responsible, new zoning ordinance, updated master plan

Brian Wilcox
Did not respond

Robin Kreiner
Did not respond

Pamela Newkirk, 49
Family: Husband Ron, 2 children, 4 grandchildren

Education: GED, career diploma from Penn Foster Career School in home inspection

Profession: Homemaker

Political experience: Helping out at elections as well as attending board meetings.

Community service: I have helped arrange Brown City Days when driving bus for the school system. I have helped out The Thrift Shop in town. I help those in need when I hear of someone needing help.

Positives: 1. They have hired an outside source to help with the roads, as the county itself is short on funds. 2. They have opened the door for some local small businesses to stay open and continue to make a living.

Needs improvement: 1. More local programs for the elderly. 2. Getting more people in the community involved with what goes on, as it affects us all.


Douglas Koning
Did not respond

Larry Longworth
Did not respond

Barbara Stimson, 65,
Family: Husband Art, two children, one grandchild

Education: Sandusky High School graduate

Political experience: Current Burnside Township clerk, 24 years

Community service: Project Blessing

Deerfield Township

Raymond Hayes, 61
Family: Wife Linda, 4 children, 5 grandchildren

Education: 4 years University of Toledo, math major, Earth science minor

Profession: Real estate agent

Community service: Youth minister 12 years; Knights of Columbus; Deerfield Township Board of Review; North Branch Alumni football coach; past president of Lapeer Steelers; LUTAR board of directors - president, president-elect; Pro-Football Career Speaker; LUTAR Government Affairs Committee; LUTAR Finance Committee

Needs improvement: I support smaller government with more local control of tax dollars. All government levels (local, county, state, national) have to be accountable for their actions. Strong need to create local diversified jobs considering rapidly rising fuel costs. Support of our service-people, tax incentives for job providers, renewable fuels, and reduction of all taxes are other concerns. Tough decisions have to be made to adjust spending and balance budgets. Leadership must go in a new direction.

Keith Merser, 46
Family: Wife Debbie, three children

Education: 14 plus years. Attended Oakland for business management.

Profession: State certified firefighter. State certified medical first responder. State certified corrections officer, deputy sheriff/corrections officer and Deerfield Township supervisor

Political experience: Five years as township supervisor. First years was elected to complete the term of a recalled supervisor. Re-elected for present term.

Community service: Deerfield firefighter for 22 years; medical first responder; Red Cross CPR/AED first Aid instructor. Coached baseball and football.

Positives: Deerfield Park upgrades in playground equipment. Roads continue to be a major factor. Burnside Road is being widened to make it safer. Five to six new businesses are bringing jobs to our area. We have had a balanced budget every year.

Needs improvement: We must continue to improve roads. Better communication with residents. Try to be more diversified in our thinking. We do not need any increased taxes. We need to go back in time and begin helping each other.


Bob Dillon, 52
Family: Married, two children

Education: Lapeer High School

Profession: Retired

Political experience: Elected UAW rep, 12 years; 12 years on Deerfield Township board, 4 years as trustee and 8 years as supervisor. Four years on planning commission, past county planning commission member

Positives: The current board does an excellent job of pointing out all the problems with the township.

Needs improvement: Finding solutions to the problems without tax increases and allowing more public involvement. I have been there, done that, and I can do it again.


Barb Moran
Did not respond

Patrick Woody, 52
Family: Wife Theresa and 6 children

Education: associate degree in Applied Science from Mott Community College, bachelor of applied science degree from the University of Michigan.

Profession: I am a retiree after working for General Motors for 30 years.

Political experience: Alternate UAW committee person. UAW Committee person.

Community service: Served on Deerfield Township Board of Review.

Needs improvement: Property taxes need to be lowered. Increased resident participation at township meetings. Our fire department is in financial trouble, and we can’t do without fire protection. The latest audit showed the fire department is draining the general fund. What is being done to solve this problem? There must be financial planning making sure necessary services are provided for township residents. Managing the budget needs to be improved. I don’t believe in wasting people’s money.


Denise Tolen
Did not respond

Dryden Township

Ionia Lynn Eutsler, 52
Family: Husband Rich, 24 years, 2 children, 1 grandchild

Education: Advanced curriculum course work in accounting and business management at Western International University. Management and supervisory course work at Schoolcraft College.

Profession: Deputy treasurer of Mayfield Township

Political experience: This is my first endeavor in the public arena, but my skills and experiences have prepared me quite well for this challenge.

Community service: Member of Happy Heavenly Helpers, which is involved in many areas, for example, food box distribution at Thanksgiving & Christmas, LUV Inc, the Lapeer Pregnancy Center. Held a can/food drive in Dryden through SunnyDaze Café. Treasurer on the first Dryden Fall Fesitival.

Positives: Dryden’s motto: “Where friendliness is served country style” ... the residents have proved that over and over. As the former owner of SunnyDaze Café, the support of the community has left me with many friendships.

Needs improvement: These are critical times, they require a commitment and an increased level of customer service and responsiveness to the taxpayers’ needs. I am very approachable and accessible. I will not insulate myself in the township office apart from the public.

Joyce Korson
Family: Married to Art 43 years; two children and five grandchildren

Education: Bachelor of science in accounting, Ferris State College; Certified Public Finance Administrator; Michigan Townships Association Governance Academy

Profession: Dryden Township treasurer, 29 years; Owner of an accounting business which specializes in taxes, over 35 years

Political experience: Current Dryden Township treasurer for 29 years. Memberships: Lapeer County Township Association; Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association; Legislative Committee Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association; Association of Public Treasurers US and Canada; First Lapeer County Township treasurer to earn state certification; Selected Treasurer of Year in 2000; Lapeer Republican Party; Past Treasurer Lapeer Michigan Township Association; Past Treasurer Lapeer County Treasurer’s Association; Township representative and secretary to Cable Authority; Member of Election Commission; Attends conferences provided by township associations building knowledge of township matters

Community service: Active member of St. Cornelius Church; Former CSA chairman; Township Clean-up Days; Dryden Historical Society; Friends of the Polly Ann Trail; Seven Ponds Nature Center; former Cub Scout leader

Positives: Without borrowing funds, we have improved and upgraded our back roads, expanded our fire dept., initiated an EMS program; provided round-the-clock police protection, constructed and renovated public safety buildings. Treasurer’s office has been computerized for efficient tax collections.

Needs improvement: Support additional limestone projects and ditching; continued education to taxpayers through newsletters; land purchase for satellite fire station; continue recycling program; payroll direct deposit saves us all money; tax and assessing information on website.

Hadley Township

William Dutko
Family: Wife Betty Jane, 2 children, 4 grandchildren

Education: Continuous ongoing governmental education through conferences, seminars and classes to stay current with today’s requirements.

Profession: Retired in 1999 as senior manufacturing engineer/buyer for Delphi

Political experience: Hadley Township supervisor, 16 years; and 16 years as a representative on the Planning Commission; Construction Code Authority, county township association and the Greenwood Cemetery Board. Served on every board in Hadley Township (including above and the zoning board of appeals and board of review) since 1976.

Community service: Hadley Lions member since 1974.

Positives: Our new township park.

Needs improvement: Improve road structure

Ernest Monroe. 44
Family: Married 22 years to Cynthia Monroe, 5 children.

Education: Master of science in engineering mechanics, bachelor of science in mechanical engineering

Profession: Registered professional engineer currently employed as an engineering manager

Political experience: This is my first run for elected office

Community service: Trustee and Ruling Elder at Pilgrim Presbyterian Church in Metamora

Positives: I think Hadley’s Fourth of July celebration and parade are good for the community and are enjoyed by township residents.

Needs improvement: Leadership is needed to encourage business investment and re-vitalization of downtown Hadley while maintaining the rural and historical character of the township.


Cynthia Daly, 44
Family: Married with 2 children

Education: Associate’s degree in accounting, certificates from H & R Block- Basic and Intermediate Tax Preparation, clerk accreditation course, Nearing completion of township governance academy with 65 credits, attended 4 Michigan Township Association conferences.

Profession: Clerk for Hadley Township

Political experience: Have been the Hadley Township clerk for 2-1/2 years, have 2 years experience as administrative assistant to the township board prior to being appointed as clerk. Have run six elections in Hadley Township. Attended Road commission meetings, MTA meetings and 26 clerk meetings.

Community service: Helped with the organization of the 2008 July 4 parade. Have helped the Lions Club with the annual sale of cider and donuts.

Positives: The 5-acre minimum ordinance keeps the township a rural community. We also have Hartwig Park where family and friends can gather and enjoy outdoor activities. In order to make our elections run more efficiently, I acquired the Qualified Voter File Program from the Michigan Election Bureau.

Needs improvement: We hope to see more communication with the township residents. I have developed a website which has E-mail access for suggestions and comments for each elected official.

Bobbie Sue Johnson, 29
Family: Unmarried

Education: High school and some college. I have specialty training in child development and children with disabilities.

Profession: Currently I own a sewing and alteration business. I formerly tutored elementary age students, was employed as a nanny for children with disabilities, and also spent four years teaching and caring for Russian orphans.

Political experience: I have been a campaign manager and helped on numerous Republican campaigns. I previously have been elected as precinct delegate for Hadley precinct 1 and for state convention delegate.

Community service: I have been a superintendent in the 4-H for many years.

Positives: I love our small-town feel and the rural charm that we have. I encourage people to visit www.hadleytownship.org.

Needs improvement: I see a great need for residents to be heard and respected by public officials. I would like to be their voice. I will be an active and independent voice on the board and run the clerk’s office in a more efficient and modern manner. I would like to see our downtown area beautified and revitalized.


Lloyd Broecker, 74
Family: Married, 4 children, 5 grandchildren

Education: Lapeer High School graduate

Profession: Retired district manager in the trucking industry

Political experience: Hadley Township treasurer 43 years

Community service: Hadley Lion’s Club, 39 years, 37 years as secretary

Positives: Kept our secondary road updated so they are the best in Lapeer County. From 1989-1999, we spent $1.7 million on roads. We built a new township office after operating out of homes for 123 years. Both projects done with no extra cost to taxpayers.

Needs improvement: As funds become available, update some roads to hard surface. Pursue recreation areas for township kids and residents. Pursue businesses to return to the township and the “village” (four corners).

Christopher S. Tippen, 50
Family: Married to Rebekah M. Tippen. Four horses and two dogs.

Education: Bachelor of science degree from Madonna University.

Profession: Retired in good standing as a crime scene investigator from the Waterford Police Dept. with 30 years of service. Small business owner: breeding, training and showing cutting horses.

Political experience: I am not a career politician. I believe in small and open government. I can not stand by while those who are supposed to hold the public trust abuse their position of authority.

Community service: Numerous holiday weekends working at soup kitchens in the Pontiac and Detroit area. In the 1980s, I was part of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. I currently volunteer at Amazing Wings of Goodrich.

Positives: I do not see positive ideas or attitudes from certain current board members. They do not listen or understand the needs of the people

Needs improvement: Eliminate unfair ordinances. Protect rural charm of Hadley.

Put needs of the people first and respond without self interest. Respect personal property rights. Open and transparent treasurer’s office with detailed reports at all board meetings. Post all contract bids in the newspaper and on township website.

Beautification program for downtown.


Glenn Arens, 46
Family: Married 21 years to Denise, 5 children

Education: Some college

Profession: Account executive, PrintComm Inc., Flint; and owner with my wife, Flying A Canine Ranch, Hadley Township

Political experience: No prior experience

Community service: Veteran, U.S. Army, Oakland County Foster/Adoptive Parent, past president-Detroit Club of Printing House Craftsmen, past president-Detroit Graphic Arts Guild, Christian Education Board-Highland Park Baptist Church

Positives: Maintaining the rural character through 5-acre minimums. The township has done well as stewards of the residents’ tax monies. The new township website.

Needs improvement: Need to continue to improve communications with residents and have a greater transparency by the board. Also need better communication with the Road Commission so the next time they decide to cut down a perfectly healthy 300-year-old tree, it’s not laying in the ditch creating a larger hazard than when it was standing.

Richard Brandt, 63
Family: Married to Carol, 2 children, 5 grandchildren

Education: Lapeer High School

Profession: Owner/ operator R.W. Brandt Crane Service

Political experience: Sixteen years as Hadley Township trustee

Community service: Volunteered crane service to the Hadley Fire Dept. and Chamber of Commerce. Vice president and on the board of elders at Christ Lutheran Church on Hadley Road.

Positives: Township website. Fire department and first responders. Hartwig Park now has a pavilion and picnic tables for all to enjoy.

Needs improvement: We don’t need more government dictating more restrictions on our property and our lives. As trustee since 1993, I have always voted to protect individual rights and to retain our unique rural heritage. My family roots here predate 1858. I was raised in Hadley and have enjoyed living here for 55 years.

William Felmly, 71
Family: 3 boys and 3 girls

Education: Business administration certificate from LaSalle University, many trade schools, certified instructor for OSHA 10- and 30-hour course, certified instructor for 100-hour safety course through University of Florida, certified instructor for forklift training, instructor for fourth year apprenticeship in HVACR, Master Electrician, HVACR and gas fitter

Profession: Retired Safety Officer, also served in the Coast Guard, Petty Officer EM2 and trained at both the North and South poles.

Political experience: Precinct delegate since 2004, executive member of the Lapeer County Republican Party, delegate to the Michigan Republican Convention three times, I have attended the Hadley Township meetings for the last seven years (sometimes in the past only myself and the fire chief in the audience).

Community service: Lifetime member Hadley Historical Society, past trustee of the Hadley Historical Society, lifetime member of the Lapeer Historical Society. Worked with a youth band as a chaperone for trips and helped where I could. Served eight years as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader (recipient of the District Award of Merit), 20+ gallon blood donor.

Positives: Fiscal responsibility.

Needs improvement: The board needs to respect the voice of the constituents and individuals. The entire board needs to be aware of all matters prior to voting (decisions should be made by the entire board with everyone on the same page with all knowledge of what is being voted on).

Danny J. Griffith, 62
Family: Married to Sharon with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

Education: Some college.

Profession: Grand Trunk Western Railroad conductor, retired.

Political experience: No prior experience

Community service: none.

Positives: The first responders and fire department do an excellent job. The sidewalks in town were replaced. Kept Hadley rural. Established a website — needs more work.

Needs improvement: The board should listen more and act according to what the residents think. Information needs to be made available to residents in a timely manner, both in newspapers and the website. We need to keep Hadley Township rural.

Robert Hartwig, 51
Family: Wife Tamra, 3 children

Profession: Lifetime resident farmer and owner of Hartwig’s Tree Movers

Community service: Formerly on the Hadley Township Fire Dept.; trustee of Hadley Community Church; Farm Bureau member

Positives: Participating in the recycling program, developing the Hartwig Park for the enjoyment of the township residents.

Needs improvement: Strive to have greater involvement with the community in decisions that regard spending tax dollars for projects. Better notification of pending decisions for all parties involved. Work at building the trust level between the residents of Hadley and the township board. Implementing a lower cap for when projects should require bids.

Marathon Township

Dale A. Fuller, 60
Family: Wife, Mary, 3 children and 7 grandchildren

Education: Graduate of LakeVille Community High School

Profession: Retired from Buick Motors of Flint after 32 years

Political experience: Marathon Township supervisor for the past 8 years.

Community service: Past treasurer of the LakeVille Athletic Boosters, head of the Marathon Township recreation program, treasurer of the Falcon wrestling club, Little League coach, presently sit on the Southern Links Trailway board and was a member of the committees for dam repair and the millfoil weevil for the Hemmingway Lake Association, member of the Michigan Township Association and Lapeer County Supervisors Association.

Positives: Worked to find an alternative ambulance service without added cost to residents. Marathon Fire Authority has improved with the addition of new trucks and equipment. Support of the Southern Links Trailway. The new drainage tile under Barnes Lake Road east of the river. The improvements at township hall to cut costs of heating and cooling.

Needs improvement: We need to develop a ditching program and a program to address road improvement within our township.

Fred Moorhouse, 57
Family: Wife Betty, 3 sons

Education: LakeVille graduate, Mott Community College, transfer to SVSU and earned 119 credit hours

Profession: Retired ironworker

Political experience: Assessor for the Village of Otter Lake, council member Village of Otter Lake, Marathon trustee, 1 term.

Community service: Member of the Hemingway Lake Association, township trustee, past member of the Otter Lake Lions Club.

Positives: Helped establish the Fire Authority and the First Responders, the recent contract with Patriot Ambulance Service and maintaining police protection provides emergency services for residents. Improvements to township website.

Needs improvement: Roads. Content and frequency of the township newsletter. Supervisor’s responsibility and duties with respect to providing research on various township matters, performance as township’s legal agent, the response to residents’ concerns and complaints and ensuring adherence to contracts and agreements.


Jim Chaffer, 61
Family: Wife, Sandy and 1 child

Education: Graduate of LakeVille High Schools and the University of Michigan-Flint.

Profession: 35 years in retail management, presently part-time mentor of boys with Kids in New Directions (KIND).

Political experience: None, but my business experience and people skills will be beneficial as a trustee.

Community service: Working at the Columbiaville Food Pantry, board member of Friends of the Southern Links Trailway, member of the Columbiaville Historical Society, active in the Methodist Church and all of their projects.

Positives: Supporting the Southern Links Trailway. Working together with the other villages and townships along the trail. The township’s handling of our ambulance service by doing what was best for our community.

Needs improvement: Getting new businesses to locate in our area. Continue to improve road conditions.

Kathy RaCosta, 58
Family: Married to Tom, 4 children and 4 grandchildren

Education: Graduated from Denby High School in Detroit

Profession: Clerk (13 years) in building department

Political experience: Deputy treasurer for Marathon Township for 13 years

Community service: Parent Booster Club volunteer, Immaculate Conception and Bishop Kelley fundraisers, hockey and baseball fundraisers, Girl Scout volunteer, MDA volunteer

Positives: Establishing a building department, fire authority and new website. Also, we are very proud of our township hall that provides a pleasant, friendly place for our residents to come and express their concerns.

Needs improvement: The township needs to continue addressing zoning matters in order to maintain a country, community atmosphere. Most importantly, keep an open line of communication in order to assist residents with government matters, questions and concerns.

William L. Sickner, 57
Family: Wife, Florence, 32 years, and 5 children

Education: Graduate of LakeVille high school and 2 years at Mott Community College

Profession: Lifetime resident and farmer of Marathon Township

Political experience: Longtime champion of property tax relief and property rights issues. Served on various township boards.

Community service: Michigan Farmers Union board of directors and Michigan Farmers Union Foundation board member.

Positives: Marathon Township has remained independent of Lapeer County CCA and EMS. Recently an agreement was made with Patriot to provide ambulance service to the township. Road improvements are being made.

Needs improvement: Put more emphasis on road improvements. Be frugal with township tax money. Avoid projects with questionable value or that only benefit a limited few.


Laura J. Ring, 65
Family: Husband Fred and 2 children

Education: High school

Profession: Marathon Township clerk, 28 years

Political experience: Republican, 28 years Township Clerk

Community service: Village Planning Commission, Marathon United Way, Otisville OES, Community Festival Committee

Positives: Established ambulance service, saving the township $250,000. Southern Links Trailway. Have been able to maintain all services even after severe state budget cuts to the townships.

Needs improvement: The local zoning ordinance is in need of several updates to benefit property owners.

Mayfield Township

Ron Dillon, 42
Family: 1 child

Education: Lapeer East High School graduate

Profession: Township supervisor; sales manager, Blue Water Printing; freelance graphic and web designer

Political experience: Mayfield Township trustee & planning commissioner 1984-1992; township supervisor 1992-present

Community service: Member Lapeer Moose Lodge #2433, past member GLTA Board of Directors, Economic Development Board. Other memberships include: National Rifle Association, Michigan Right to Life, Michigan Townships Association, Michigan Society of Planning, National Association of Towns and Townships

Positives: We’ve doubled the number of police patrols, built a strong relationship with the road commission and invested millions in local road improvements, ended a 30-year battle with the City of Lapeer over sewer and water and annexation, and adopted policies to encourage farmland and open-space preservation.

Needs improvement: Continue to seek alternatives to the current fire protection arrangement and find ways to cut the cost of fire runs. Clean up blighted areas where homes have been abandoned.

Kyle Weingartz, 22
Family: Wife, Sarah

Education: Lapeer West High School grad

Profession: Own Weingartz Distribution

Political experience: None, but eager to learn.

Community service: Member of Elba Twp. Fire and Rescue for 4+ years

Positives: We have a lot of industry in our township, which provides jobs for the residents.

Needs improvement: The township needs its own fire department. We need to be more resident friendly and not have our residents afraid to speak their mind due to fear of any repercussion. We need to reassess property values and tax them accordingly. We need to be a township FOR the residents.


Kendra L. Davis, 66
Family: Husband Larry, 4 children, 7 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren

Education: High School graduate, certified municipal clerk from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks and Michigan State University, certified election administrator from the Michigan Municipal Clerks Association and State of Michigan

Profession: Current Mayfield Township clerk for 34 years

Political experience: 34 years as Mayfield Township Clerk, 1.4 years as Mayfield Township Deputy Clerk, charter member of the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks, past chairperson and secretary and charter member of the Lapeer County Municipal Clerks Association, past secretary and member of the Lapeer County Michigan Townships Association, member and served a number of years as Sergeant-at-Arms of the State Chapter of the Michigan Townships Association, member of the Michigan Association of Planners, member of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks.

Positives: Mayfield Township has completed the following with no costs or assessments to its residents: actively maintained local township roads, built and maintained a township municipal hall with little or no costs for non-profit groups to use with no indebtedness, provided contracted police protection, maintained an active municipal owned cemetery with additions.

Needs improvement: I would like to see and would actively promote a township-owned and operated fire department.

Laura Jostock, 35
Family: Husband Terry, 3 children

Education: High school graduate, two years college

Profession: Bookkeeper (Jostock Trucking), I have over 18 years of office experience doing accounts payable, receivable, marketing, general bookkeeping, and customer service. I have extensive computer skills, from designing spreadsheets to websites.

Community service: Former member of Lapeer Treasure Hunt Committee, helped put on annual Imlay City Spring Nationals tractor pulling event, and our family is a yearly 4-H supporter.

Positives: Advisory committee to address the Stiles Cemetery issues. The board acknowledged the need to research the fire dept/fire run costs.

Needs improvement: Need follow-through on getting Stiles Cemetery back in shape. The nepotism has to stop. Township contracted work should periodically have a public bid announcement, a firm bid date and a sealed bid opening. Need to get facts/figures together before the seven-year fire service contract is up for renewal. Getting residents out to vote.

Julie A. Schlaud, 49
Family: Married to Robert L. Schlaud with 4 children, and 1 grandchild

Education: Graduated from Lapeer Senior High School

Profession: Recently unemployed as Mayfield Township deputy clerk

Political experience: Deputy Clerk for the past 6 years at Mayfield Township, nominated for Clerk of the Year. Election Administrator Certification.

Community service: Participation and supporting the recycling program

Positives: Participating in the recycling program, GLTA and EMS. The township also contracts with the county for 4 full-time police officers. The township has its own building department, zoning administrator and assessor that can be reached daily during township office hours.

Needs improvement: Offering water and sewer for businesses on M-24, improving on the fire department contract, also working with the cemetery advisory committee. I will bring fresh new changes and will be keeping daily office hours.


Dan Frisch, 55
Family: Married 37 years to wife Debbie, 2 children and 6 grandchildren

Education: Attended University of Michigan

Profession: Retired from General Motors after 31 years. I was involved with new-product development, this included budgets and deadlines, after retiring in 2002 I did substitute teaching for Oxford school district and Lapeer Bishop Kelley, also quality consulting for a tooling company. I believe my work experience has given me the skills needed to become the next Mayfield Township treasurer.

Political experience: None

Community service: Coached Little League and active in my church.

Positives: I have always been served well by the current township officials. The current township treasurer is leaving, and if elected I would continue the same high level of service the residents have come to expect.

Needs improvement: Once elected I will always be looking for ways to improve the service provided to the residents.

Harry Luzi, 67
Family: Married, 4 children

Education: Bachelor’s degree in human resources

Profession: District Scout executive, Boy Scouts of America, in business in Lapeer County for over 40 years. Presently own and operates Luzi’s Lapeer Mini-Storage. licensed paramedic. Air Force honorably discharged in 1962

Political experience: Past Mayfield Township Trustee

Needs improvement: I have been fighting to have Mayfield Township create its own fire department. We are paying the city an exorbitant fee without any guarantee of service. If a passer-by calls in their address, even though it may be a barbecue and the fire department is called, there is a charge of $1,850. Most citizens only have a $500 fire run on their insurance, which leaves $1,300 out-of-pocket expense. Others may have no fire run insurance.

Rich Township

Cindy Chittick
Did not reply

Pamela Running
Did not reply


Sharon Houghtaling
Education: Associate’s in applied science/administrative office technology

Profession: Ad product coordinator/Meijer-Lapeer


Joe Benincasa
Did not reply

Ralph D. Gilpin, 77
Family: Wife Marjorie and 2 daughters

Education: Bachelor of science in business and public service, law degree

Profession: Retired attorney

Political experience: Elected to the city council of Moravian Hills (now Sterling Heights) in the 1970s.

Community service: Current chair of the Rich Township Planning Commission.

Positives: Maintaining a policy of farmland preservation.

Needs improvement: Road ditching for better drainage.

Tracey M. Mathews, 41
Family: Married, 2 children

Profession: Financial industry 22 years, current full-time student

Political experience: I was chosen to step into the trustee position in December 2007 and since that time I have updated the township website and worked the 2008 scrap tire drive. I’m not afraid to speak up about issues or concerns and I want to do what is right for our community.

Beth Mohr
Family: Husband, 4 children, 11 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild

Education: High school, 5 months at Elkhart University for dental nursing

Profession: Retired from North Branch schools where I was a teacher aide and later a custodian.

Political experience: Served on the Zoning Board and was president of our union at school. I have lived in this township all of my life and really care about what happens to the township. I am living on a centennial farm that has been in the “McNish” family for over 100 years and would like to see it stay in the family. Our youngest son and family live on our other centennial farm. It has been in the “Frankfort” family for over 100 years. My goal is to keep family farms and I feel that by serving on a township board this can help.

Community service: Is mainly with New Life in Christ Church. My time is spent running my husband to dialysis three times a week along with his other doctors. I would really like to add serving on the township board to my service.

Positives: Fixing roads and trying to come up with new monies to do this. Hearing what people have to say and keeping an open mind. It is very tough keeping everyone happy.

Needs improvement: Is always communication.

Michele Mosher, 42
Family: Husband Karl 18 years and 2 children

Education: Associate’s degree applied science tool fixture and die design

Profession: Project engineer

Political experience: I’ve never held an office. However, my profession involves being proactive to tackle issues individually as well as in a group and find a solution that’s beneficial to all parties, and not just a quick fix.

Community service: Volunteer for various community events.

Positives: The APM mosquito spraying program, keeping blight down and remodeling the township hall.

Needs improvement: Review the mosquito program “product used history” and find out if it would be more beneficial to pay on an “as-used basis” rather than a “flat-rate fee.”

Jerry Ogg, 62
Family: Married to Erie for 40 years, 2 children, 2 grandchildren

Education: Bachelor of science — chemistry

Profession: Retired from G.M. Truck —Pontiac — hourly (non-skilled)

Political experience: Attending township meetings regularly

Community service: Many years affiliated with the Waterford Police Community Services. Worked the 2008 Rich Township Tire drive.

Needs improvement: Get county 911 service updated! Research for state and federal grant money to improve emergency services, Roads and other community improvements to benefit the majority of the community.

Robert Skouson, 39
Family: Wife Samantha, 4 children

Education: Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.).

Profession: Doctor of Chiropractic

Political experience: Five years as a crew chief and commercial property appraiser in the Maricopa County Assessors office (Phoenix, Ariz.)

Community service: President of the Lapeer Kiwanis Club, Scoutmaster Troop 349, assistant and announcer coach in the North Branch Jr. Bronco football program.

Positives: The Rich Township board has been a very approachable group. They are very willing to listen and respond to the needs of our community. They have done a great job.

Needs improvement: With the limited budget and scope of responsibility, I would say continuing in the same course is the best direction. I would like to see a little better back road service.


Joan E. Knowlton, 53
Family: Husband Jack and 1 daughter.

Education: Graduated from Mayville High School

Profession: Housewife

Political experience: No prior experience

Community service: Former executive secretary and a lifetime member of the Lapeer County Sportsmen’s Club.

Positives: The township does a tire drive in the spring which gets a lot of them off our road shoulders.

Needs improvement: There are some homes in the township that are vacant with windows missing that need to be taken care of. They also could trim (not eliminate) the tree canopy to make side roads more accessible to tall vehicles (RVs, buses, dump trucks, etc.).

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