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Fat Guy's Corner 1/25/06

Chicago and Indianapolis are this year’s Super Bowl participants.
Chicago earned their trip with a true dismantling of the New Orleans “Aint’s.” The “Aint’s” turned over the football four times and the Bears a big fat zero! Four turnovers to zero turnovers will usually send the four turnover team home for the season! Deep down, New Orleans was probably the better team, but didn’t prove it last Sunday. I give props to the Bears and coach Lovie Smith, who proved all the football experts wrong (I was guilty). Who said the Saints would win?

Indianapolis removed the New England Patriots from the playoffs and off their nemesis list. Peyton Manning led the Colts on a last-minute drive for the win. The Colts erased an 18-point deficit in what is the largest comeback in AFC Championship history.

Peyton will finally get his chance for a Super Bowl win. Will he get it done? Las Vegas has installed the Colts as a touchdown favorite over the Bears! The Fat Guy will break down the Super Bowl winner in next week’s column. The football season is down to one game, winner take all!

Farewell to Parcells

I’m very saddened by the announcement of Bill Parcells retiring from the Dallas Cowboys as coach. Parcells will never coach again, in my opinion. He is 65 years old and has had enough. Three Super Bowl appearances, two Super Bowl rings, and 183 NFL wins in his career. Parcells never did finish his goals at Dallas, going 0-2 in the playoffs, and a less-than-stellar 34-32 record in Big “D.”

How much did all the T.O. distractions play into Bill’s decision to retire? Only Parcells knows the answer to that question. We all know T.O. wasn’t a player Parcells particularly cared for. I’m sure T.O. played into his decision at least a little bit.

The NFL will certainly miss his great quotes and press conferences. I always thought he was funny and such a hard-nosed guy, cutting his players no slack. Most of all, he told the media and his players the truth. And, we all know, sometimes the truth hurts! Plus, he hated stupid questions from the media and always let the media people know how stupid they really were. Good-bye Mr. Parcells, the Fat Guy is really going to miss ya!

Filling in the slots
Some NFL coaching vacancies have been filled. Cam Cameron has left San Diego for sunny Miami. Cam will take over the spot recently held by liar, liar Nick Saban, who bolted for Alabama. Cameron spent many years at Michigan as a coach. Good luck, Cam.

Ken Whisenhunt takes over for Denny Green in Arizona. Good luck, Kenny, the Arizona Cardinals are a losing franchise, just like Detroit.

The Pittsburgh Steelers hired Mike Tomlin. Who? Mr. Tomlin was the Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator. The Steelers loved how he interviewed and hired him. Ironically, the Rooney Rule, which requires the NFL franchises to interview minority candidates, was instituted by Dan Rooney, owner of the Steelers. It’s nice to see a minority candidate hired by the franchise that initiated the hiring of minorities as head coaches. It has been long overdue.

Oakland finally filled its coaching vacancy with Lane Kiffin, the youngest coach in NFL history at 31. He has to work under the older-than-dust Al Davis.

Fat Guy soap box
Chris Webber comes home to Detroit. Who cares? He’s a selfish over-the-hill piece of trouble-making garbage! He trashed Michigan with the Ed Martin scandal and requested to be traded from NBA teams at least three times. Philly paid him an enormous amount of money to just leave! What does that tell you? Dumars, you made a bad decision in bringing Mr. “No Defense” C-Webb here! A true panic move by Dumars. Rasheed and Webber together? Give me a break!

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