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Flag Football Schedule

Flag football leagueschedule announced
The Lapeer elementary flag football league will play games every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.m. beginning today.

Today: Lynch at Maple Grove; Mayfield at Chatfield; Murphy at Seaton; Turrill at Schickler; Bishop Kelley, bye.

Sept. 12: Bishop Kelley at Murphy; Chatfield at Seaton; Lynch at Turrill; Mayfield at Schickler; Maple Grove, bye.

Sept. 14: Chatfield at Lynch; Maple Grove at Bishop Kelley; Murphy at Mayfield; Seaton at Turrill; Schickler, bye.

Sept. 19: Bishop Kelley at Chatfield; Schickler at Lynch; Seaton at Maple Grove; Turrill at Murphy; Mayfield, bye.

Sept. 21: Bishop Kelley at Mayfield; Lynch at Murphy; Maple Grove at Turrill; Schickler at Seaton; Chatfield, bye.

Sept 26: Chatfield at Maple Grove; Mayfield at Seaton; Murphy at Schickler; Turrill at Bishop Kelley; Lynch, bye.

Sept. 28: Maple Grove at Murphy; Mayfield at Lynch; Schickler at Chatfield; Seaton at Bishop Kelley; Turrill, bye.

Oct. 3: Bishop Kelley at Schickler; Chatfield at Turrill; Maple Grove at Mayfield; Seaton at Lynch; Murphy, bye.

Oct. 5: Lynch at Bishop Kelley; Murphy at Chatfield; Schickler at Maple Grove; Turrill at Mayfield; Seaton, bye.

Playoffs begin Oct. 10. Super Bowl and consolation games at Lapeer East, Oct. 17.

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