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Letters -- 5/25/06

Granholm must
modify bottled
water proposal

It is almost humorous to hear our “cutie” (as designed by columnist Jack Lessenberry) Gov. Granholm repeatedly replay the political pronouncements (and feeble legislation efforts) to place limits on the commercial extraction, bottling and out-of-state shipment of well water desired by millions of citizens nationwide.
Granholm postulates that unless constraints are imposed on this extraction/bottling activity, groundwater levels will be dangerously lowered, wells will run dry, agriculture irrigation restricted and reservoirs reduces to barren flat lands. All of this, she calculates, because of the daily export business of native Michigan aqua resources.
True impact of this commercial water activity, of course, is unknown and there is reason to believe that the extrapolated consequences of this export business are questionable and, probably, overstated.
Be this as it may, let us assume that Granholm’s assumption is correct, i.e. bottled water exports deplete Michigan’s water resources. But, because Granholm bases her conclusion on scientific principles and proven prior research, she must also factor in the positive impact that imported bottled water (from other states) will have on our water resources — logically (and in accordance with the conservation-of-energy axiom and the first and second laws of thermodynamics), the negative effect of export/import bottled water actively will be diminished. Simply put: 10 bottles of exported water less 6 bottles of imported water equals a net negative impact of 4.
P.S. In the event bottled water imports far exceed exports, groundwater levels will rise and Michigan’s lakes and rivers will overflow their natural earthen boundaries. — Norman E. Bullock, Lapeer

You’ve made
a difference

As part of EMS appreciation week, I want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all of you who serve as Emer-gency Medical Services professionals. I am most appreciative of the significant impact that Emergency Medical Service personnel perform in providing patient care and ultimately in helping to save lives. As professionals who are often the first to assist victims of acute trauma and medical emergencies, your response and emergency medical care is fundamental to the ultimate survival of those victims.
There are no words that can express the gratitude I have for all of you for the many long hours you spend away from your families caring for the sick and injured in our community.
You should all be proud to know that you have made a difference in many people’s lives when you have been there to offer your expertise in caring for them. No matter what the weather or what may be going on in your personal lives, you are always there to offer a helping hand or to offer a comforting word.
On behalf of the Executive Board of Directors of Lapeer County EMS, I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being the very special people you are.
Thanks for being there. — Galland Burnham, Executive Director, Lapeer County EMS

School says thanks
Hadley-Murphy Elementary would like to thank all those who supported our Fifth Annual Tee-Off for Technology Golf Outing. Despite the rain, we had our best outing ever. We would especially like to thank the LA View, Lapeer Country Club, Victor George, The Nelson Family, The Leslie Cole Family, Edward Jones (Brian Hurst) in Metamora, Goyette Residential, McNaughton-McKay Electric, Kohl, Harris, Nolan & McCarthy (attorneys at law), Cup of Joe, the Chris and Diane Fischer Family, Lapeer Dental Centre and A.W. Excavating.

offers thanks
for walk help

United Hospice Service would like to thank all the businesses who donated to their recent five mile Walk-a-thon which was held on May 6. Thank you for helping us raise the money. We appreciate your help so much as we strive to provide the best patient care possible:
Excel International, Knight Insurance Agency, Little Caesar’s Pizza (Marlette), Wright and Filippis, McClelland Chiroprac-tic, Deckerville Veterinary Clinic, Atkins Insurance (Marlette), Wagner Physical Therapy, Joseph N. Valentin, DDS, Champagne Funeral Chapel, Cass City Oil and Gas, Cass City Propane, Kappen Excavating, Graff Chevrolet, Buick, Inc., Tracy’s Old Castle Muffler Shop, Tri-County Bank, Pomeroy Funeral Home Kohler Oil and Propane Co., Snover Mattress and Furniture, Marsh Funeral Chapel, Inc., The Country Crate, Exchange State Bank, Backus Oil Company, Adart Energy Company, Scott C. Upright, DDS, Liebler Insurance, Culligan Quality Water, Cass Valley Excavating, Marlette Roofing and Sheet Metal, Jerry’s Foodland, Gordon R. Pabst Enterprises, Ramsey Funeral Home, Inc.

The wrong path
Before our current administration invaded Iraq, I wrote to the paper to express my concern for the outcome of such an endeavor. Unfortunately, it has turned out even worse than I feared at the time. My opinion wasn’t popular at the time and I really wish I had been wrong.
Before the Iraq war, I feared the human toll as well as the economic toll. Tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed and we are now approaching 3000 deaths of our troops. As predicted, the cost of this war is approaching $10 billion a week.
This administration has built a deficit that our children, grandchildren and probably our great grandchildren will be saddled with. Remember, we had a surplus when Bush took office.
When Bush first started talking (at least publicly) about invading Iraq it seemed ridiculous, since that country had nothing to do with 9/11. To hear the administration is making plans to attack Iran may seem unlikely, but remember that we now have a Department of Offense rather than defense. This policy of pre-emptive war goes against everything I was ever taught about our country. I always felt we were the peacemakers. It’s scary to think that in this nation we even have to debate whether or not it is acceptable to torture. What have we become?
During the run-up to war in 2003 it wasn’t considered patriotic to speak out and after the war began you had to be in favor or you weren’t supporting the troops. I steadfastly support our troops and that’s why I want them home. Blame war, not the warriors. Polls show that more than half the country doesn’t trust Bush to make a decision on military action in Iran. Don’t let it happen! Speak to your family and friends and vote in all elections. Peace, — Peggy Hutchinson, Lapeer

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